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Tony Anderson Music
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The site and its processes

Midwestern came at this project pushing the limits of what was capable on a responsive website level. We wanted to add parallax elements to this site that didn’t break when it was viewed on mobile devices, and Midwestern accomplished just that. This website is a single page layout driven by images that slide in and out of the content areas that makes the site have an element of motion and momentum.

This web site needed to be accessible on all browsers and devices so when making this site we really focused on the different content sections on the site and made sure that the content could be read and used in a format that was extremely user friendly on mobile devices and went out from there. This site has been a success and has set Tony Anderson at the top of his market as a trend setter when it comes to his web presence.

Add-ons and EE special sauce

Midwestern set up a seamless music player from SoundCloud so that he could showcase his music on his website from SoundCloud in a way that his potential clients wouldn’t have to leave his web site. Midwestern also did the same thing with examples of how his music had been used by his clients with a video that was embedded to his site so that not only could his music be heard but experienced in action.

Tony needed to allow people to submit license requests so that he could approve and sell his music to cinematographers that wanted to use his music in their films. Midwestern created a license request form to allow potential clients to submit their license requests that gave Tony information about how the music was going to be used and what the nature of the project was going to be used for