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The Victorian Emporium
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The site and its processes

The Victorian Emporium is the product of an idea conceived, developed and refined from our love of renovating Victorian houses.

Due to the diverse range and type of products that we sell, many of which are custom made, we needed a system whereby products and processed can be individually customised.

After testing various other shopping cart solutions we settled on using ExpressionEngine which we felt had the flexibility and pliability to cater for this.

“ExpressionEngine gives us the ability to create custom features and functionality that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to achieve.”

Add-ons and EE special sauce

Addons we couldn't live without:

  • CartThrob
  • CT Admin
  • CE Cache
  • CE Img
  • Channel Images
  • Detour Pro
  • Structure
  • User
  • Wygwam
  • Zenbu

There are a number of additional addons we used including custom made addons for content filtering and SEO.