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The site and its processes

Our challenge here was to create a modern, mobile-friendly website that provided a more engaging experience for website users, that was easy for them to navigate and that was a breeze for the client to update. The website also needed to be a greater source of revenue, through advertising and donations, so that Rural Intelligence could continue to thrive.  

The project involved a comprehensive redesign and the new website was built using Tunnel 7's custom configuration of ExpressionEngine. 

We fundamentally changed how users navigate the website, making it easier for them to see brief listings of Rural Intelligence's news content, choose articles they want to navigate to, and bookmark and share them. We also created clear calls to action to encourage advertising and donations, including adding a support widget built into every article to encourage readers to support the organization.

Since going live, the new website is already producing results. Over the first weekend alone, the client received 11 email signups, more than they had in months. Website visits were also up 6%, pageviews were up 48% and the average time per visit was up 40%.

Add-ons and EE special sauce

-CE Image for dynamic image resizing so the client doesn't have to upload multiple sizes of the same image 
-DataGrab - used for importing 10 years of content to the new website 
-Detour Pro - for simplified redirects that the client can manage and use for marketing campaigns 
-Freeform Lite - for allowing the client to create / manage forms on the fly and have an easy location for all completed forms 
-Snaptcha - For preventing spam entries 
-Structure - For simplified editing and management of all content across the site 
-Wygwam - For text editing without having to know a lick of HTML