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Optica Technologies
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The site and its processes

Optica approached Antistatic in need of a major website overhaul and we delivered.

Optica Technologies, the leading provider of externals for IBM System Z servers, has been making peripherals for over 45 years and their website was showing its age. After working with their team to refine their sales approach and web-based product presentation, we led them through different user stories and the creation of a new website information architecture. The new content structure was further refined by creating user experience wireframes to detail the navigation and page-by-page interactions through the website.

Once the user experience was solidified, we pursued the creative presentation of the website by working out each unique page design. These designs were programmed responsively and powered by ExpressionEngine. Optica's new responsive website means that any user, whether on a mobile phone, tablet device or traditional laptop or desktop computer is presented with the best possible content experience. With the dynamic mix of site responsiveness and ExpressionEngine, we were able to provide Optica with one powerful website.

Add-ons and EE special sauce

Structure, Freeform, BackupPro, ImageSizer