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The site and its processes

The old NCYF website was outdated and staff found the prior CMS to be unmanageable and difficult to use. With the redesign, we gave the website a new modern look and a responsive design, while focusing on the key goals that the client wanted to achieve online. On the back end, the focus was on a CMS that was drop dead easy to use.

User testing was done during the project to get real user feedback on design and layout concepts, which were fine-tuned during production. A professional photographer was brought in to get away from stock photography that users found stilted. 

We also spent a lot of time on content strategy and mapping content fields in EE content channels to further simplify the content entry process for the client. Social media training and content training sessions were done, as well as formal content writing to support the client's team.

Add-ons and EE special sauce

For donations I used the charge module for integrating with stripe for the first time, which worked very well. 

My usual setup also leverages:

  • Structure for simplifying navigation and easing client content entry
  • CE Image for resizing images on the fly
  • Detour Pro for redirects
  • Freeform for form processing
  • WYGWAM for large content areas

Snaptcha is my go-to extension for fighting form spam and it was implemented on this project.