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The site and its processes

M.L. Schmitt has decades of experience in the field of electrical contracting and offers a broad variety of services, but even existing customers weren't aware of this.

Work Done:
-New website is built around specific client objectives
-Used Tunnel 7's configuration of ExpressionEngine so that the client can easily add / update content going forward
-Structured site content to highlight services offered
-Creatively used old historical photos in the design and used existing color pallete to be consistent with branding, while bringing new fonts and accent colors to give a much more modern feeling
-Collaborated with top notch videographer and photographer to create compelling videos and imagery
-Provided Google Anaytics, Writing for the Web and Social Media trainings to empower client in making smart decisions going forward  
-Created editorial calendar to simplify when the client should update the website and who in the organization is responsible. Consistent content entry is a challenge for nearly all of our clients and breaking this into small assignments makes it easy to manage

The Result:
A website that does a much better job of reflecting M.L. Schmitt's experience and the services that they offer.

In the first month since going live, they've seen some good results: 

-20% increase in search engine traffic to the website 
-52% increase in visits to the website
-154% increase in number of visits on a mobile device
-Busiest day of traffic on social media on Sept 5th in part due to their new social media strategy

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