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Integrated Telecommunication Systems
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The site and its processes

When I started on this project, the client had an out-of-date website that wasn’t mobile friendly and didn’t use a CMS. The site wasn’t getting updated regularly because the client had to deal with html code every time they made updates. 

Their new ExpressionEngine site has a modern look and feel and a responsive design which makes things much easier for the 15% of users who were visiting the old site on mobile devices. The site is super easy to update, speaks more directly to their target audience and is already showing results in terms of conversions.   

Add-ons and EE special sauce

  • Deployed EE using Structure to make content management as simple as possible.
  • Used Freeform Pro to create a custom event registration form. The client can now manage the form fields without my involvement. 
  • Brought in Detour Pro to ensure that 301 redirects were in place prior to cutover.
  • Used Snaptcha for spam protection on forms (the best solution I’ve found so far for this).
  • WYGWAM was used for large content areas so the client has more freedom but doesn’t need to know code.
  • CE Image so that the client didn't need to worry about pixel perfection with images and we can manipulate them for sizing and optimizing the image size for performance as well.
  • Custom system messages so that the template for error message matches the general website template.
  • Design wise, I focused on imagery that identifies the client with their target audience of engineers. I also developed a content model with different types of content that speak directly to their expertise (FAQs, recent projects, upcoming events). Both of these pieces were key and EE handled them well.
  • I also deployed an email signup form to capture information from users who may not be ready to hire the client, but want to keep in touch.