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The site and its processes

Chandler Architectural Products' commercial glass and glazing work includes an impressive resume of past projects ranging from the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts to the Trail Court Building in Plymouth, Mass and many more.

When we started working together in early 2016, their existing website wasn't doing much in the way of showcasing these projects and it wasn’t bringing in any new business leads. 

Add-ons and EE special sauce

Our redesign work together included:

  • Redefining the website’s content model so that it more effectively highlights Chandler’s work.
  • Conducting photo shoots of the individual project sites, as well as of company staff to create an engaging look and feel for the site.
  • Creating a password-protected employees-only section to the site that includes an employee news feed, the employee handbook and other important staff information. 

On the Expression Engine front, we used our regular go tos: 

  • Structure for navigation
  • WYGWAM for text editing
  • CE Image to make it a cinch for company staff to upload images
  • Freeform for the site’s contact forms

Before go live, we conducted our usual content audit, reviewing all site content and functionality to make sure it was in tip top shape before go live.

The result is a website that the Chandler team says is exactly what they were looking looking for and that is already starting to generate new leads!