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The site and its processes

Invented and manufactured in Alaska, The Arctic Oven Tent is a unique, industry-leading product for camping, hunters, adventurers, educators, and anyone who wants to stay warm and dry in extreme weather conditions. As Alaska Tent & Tarp's leading consumer product, the Artic Oven Tent needed its own brand and web site to better convey its benefits to buyers. First, Versa Studio refined the tent's existing logo and produced a branding guide to inform all print and digital communications. Then we developed an up-to-date, responsive web site using ExpressionEngine and Expresso Store.

Add-ons and EE special sauce

Structure was invaluable here. Clients appreciate the clear, drag-and-drop control it gives them over site hierarchy. Playa and Matrix are important for complex content relationships and slide shows, respectively. And Expresso Store with Stripe is critical for ecommerce.

EE's flexible field structure also allows us to collect specific information for social media sharing and push them in to open graph tags for Facebook, Twitter, etc.