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Sencha is the creator of rich web frameworks like Ext JS/GWT and Sencha Touch. Our website relaunch included switching to a robust content-managed environment, and using emerging technologies like HTML5, web fonts, and CSS3.

The site features 16 channels in all, so we could grant granular access/permissions to different part of the company, and make data input as straight-forward as possible. The channels we used include:

Blog Posts
Home Page
News Items
Press Releases
Store Products
Software Versions

On the backend, the site hosts a full e-commerce system, Salesforce integration, universal VBulletin login. Software versioning is also kept separate from software product pages, so new versions of products can be added by developers. This was quite challenging when creating the download pages, due to the complex relationships needed. Ultimately, we found we were able to overcome most issues with the Tied plugin and MX Jumper.

Also, while this is unrelated to EE specifically, I’d like to point out that the site files are version controlled via Git. I highly recommend this approach to other EE developers, especially with the power of having file-based templates. Combined with using SASS/Compass for CSS compilation, the site is always blazing fast, easy to update, and also easy to revert, should any incidents arise in production. New features can also be developed in branches, which, though it’s traditional a software development workflow, works great for large sites. Just today we merged in a branch I’ve been working on enabling CSS animations, and the process was simple and painless.

While I’m thrilled to have a new site design for Sencha, I think the upgrade ExpressionEngine will be one of the most strategic moves we make in 2011. Between EE, Git, and SASS/Compass, our new website is extremely agile and flexible. Updates are happening at a rate faster than ever, which is allowing the web team to focus more on creative design and website direction.

Would love to provide more details if there’s anything specifically you’re interested in smile

Other Add-ons

* ClassEE Body
* MX Calculator
* MX Jumper
* Tied Entries
* MD Detect Page Type
* Low Nice Date
* Low Reorder
* Gravatar
* NSM Live Look

Custom plugins (that we hope to release at some point) were created for salesforce integration, geolocation, e-commerce, geshee syntax highlighting.

Company: NGenWorks & Sencha

Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)