Infinity Blade

EE Version


Add-ons used is a promotional site for Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment’s upcoming release of Infinity Blade II. IB2 is a premiere mobile game available on iOS devices and has been featured on numerous ads run by Apple in many media channels, from TV ads to in-store hardware and physical display promotions.

Other Add-ons

RSS Feed - Due to server security restrictions, an RSS feed we grabbed from needed to come directly from a database, so we leveraged the power of CodeIgniter with EE Module development to create a custom feed module that spoke directly to an additional database and converted results into proper EE template tags.

-MX Mobile Detect - We used a portion of its functionality to create a global variable very early in EE’s run-time, allowing us more control over mobile vs non-mobile templates and reducing template parsing load and large HTTP requests.

-Youtube field - A custom field type we developed and re-use often, this field type parses Youtube’s many forms of URLs and grabs the video ID, to be used and returned via template tags in many formats.

-DS SEO - Our home-brewed SEO module which allows for proper meta-data to be set on a per-entry basis. This is our commercial release that is based on our open source Expression Engine 2.0 SEO module we released back in early 2010.

Company: Digital Surgeons

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