Elephants Delicatessen


What is the most compelling aspect of the site?
This site was an absolute pleasure to create and develop using EE. The client is able to add/edit/modify all content across the site in an intuitive fashion with almost no training required.

We utilized BrilliantRetail as our shopping cart module which allows customers to order fresh-food for local delivery along with standard non-perishable products. Elephants Delicatessen is a large part of the Portland food scene so we leveraged testimonials from Yelp and dynamically displayed them across the site. An Events Calendar weaves throughout the site showcasing a wide variety of events, tastings and locations. Other fun features - Soup of the Week, location photo galleries, food menus, request forms, graphic compnay timeline and ‘Meet the Herd’ - randomly displays staff members fun photos and title.

We chose EE for a number of reasons especially for its power, design flexibility and support community. EE was really the only CMS platform we would ever use. The add-ons, plug-ins and extensions are just amazing. For every challenge or feature request, EE was key and effortlessly made it a reality.

Thank you! - Ryan Mendes, ryan@8bitinteractive.com

Other Add-ons

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