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Certara is the newly created brand resulting from the union of Pharsight and Tripos—the two leaders in scientific software for drug research and discovery. This website uses a clean, straightforward design to present large quantities of detailed, technical and scientific content in a clear and readable format. Also, the new website establishes the aesthetic for the new brand.

The design’s XHTML is stored in EE’s Template Manager in an organized, maintainable structure. Custom channels with Wyvern fields were then bound to the templates, thus allowing non-technical users to update web pages, product templates, news, resource items, and even a library of sidebar items. The information architecture is controlled with Structure, and Solspace User was enabled to allow for member registration and login functions within the custom UI. Finally, a custom-built extension was enabled to pass tracking data to SalesForce.com via JavaScript events.

Other Add-ons

Custom add-on for SalesForce.com integration

Company: Pedrera

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