blueseventy has had 2 makeovers on ExpressionEngine, the last of which was early 2010. blueseventy exploded into the international swim scene in 2008-2009 and EE has had no trouble in keeping up with increased traffic and more intricate product offerings.

There are several weblogs managing content on the site, most notably is the products weblog, of course. FieldFrame + Matrix + imgSizer are indispensable tools in building the feature and image gallery for each of the products. Add in some jQuery slickness in the product detail template and you might think you were shopping on J.Blueseventy. Commerce right now are individual X-Carts but a 3rd reincarnation on EE2 will probably result in an EE compatible commerce solution.

The dealers are housed in individual weblogs by region (USA, Canada, Europe, etc.) so that region-specific admins can edit their regions and not others. Categories control the sub-region (or states). Also this was done due to issues with category import via CSVGrab, which is used to dump/import dealers from time to time. Folks like their spreadsheet data, and CSVGrab is a great EE add-on workhorse.

EE modules and add-ons have been used cleverly at times: e.g. The User module & SAEFs have been used to conduct a photo contest; weblogs have been used to publish X-Cart coupon promos for individuals filling out FreeForm forms interested in the release of a particular product (think weblog custom fields in FreeForm templates).

New product templates and an IP-detect ‘buy’ button to direct international users to the right online commerce link are waiting in the wings while they get populated with data ... !

But really what’s most amazing about blueseventy is the beautiful imagery behind the brand. EE is just a perfect vehicle to carry this effortlessly through cyberspace.

Company: rebecca taylor

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